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Thursday, April 16, 2009

So Much To Be Thankful For...

Each day, there are challenges and mountains to climb and work to struggle through, even if the work is what you dreamed you'd one day be doing. Or is it just me??? I doubt it--we all find ourselves "struggling" through even our happily ever afters some days. Sometimes that can be the hardest, because we're supposed to be thrilled by all the good stuff, right?

But work is work, and the more you dream, the more work there is to climb to that next peak. Except, I've found a secret I wanted to share.

When I get down about my thirteen-year-old (yep, he's a teenager now) heading to college for three weeks this summer (yep, he's taken his ACTs and tested into a Duke program for gifted kids...oh, and into college itself, if he wanted to apply now ;o), I remember to be thankful that he's in love with learning and feels confident enough in himself to want to go away and explore on his own a bit.

And when travelling and new deadlines and all that stuff makes my current exhaustion after finishing Dark Legacy seem like a dress rehersal, I remember to be thankful that I have an amazing new suspense series to promote and fans already emailing me for more information and a jewelry artist so inspired that she created a whole new like just with Dark Legacy in mind, and the opportunity to write two more books this year alone.

And when one of my old man kitties gets sick (he's seventeen and his current ailment is minor, but when you're seventeen and a cat nothing's minor), and he's still suffering even though he's supposed to be better, I hold him as much as I can and then console myself in giving my other three extra attention, too, (yes, do the math, I'm the crazy writer cat lady with four cats), and remember how lucky I am to have all that unconditional love in my life.

I guess what I'm saying, before I get back to sharing all things Dark Legacy and Dream Flutters (Marci's named our new jewelry line, from which I'll be giving away pieces every month out here, in addition to Dark Legacy ARCS and other promo goodies like T-shirts, from now through the fall), whether things are going well or not so well in your world, it's all work and that's just the way it goes--but I wish for you a daily dream and a daily reminder of all the "thankful" stuff in your life, too. All the things that make the work and the dreams worthwhile.

And never forget--I'm thankful for all of you ;o)

And while we're on this "positive speak" rant ;o) I know everyone's seen this by now, but watch Susan Boyle again. It's the best 6 minutes I've spent in a long time. Well, since watching my teenager relish the ice cream I bought him the other day, after he'd asked me to play tennis with him and enjoyed every bit of our together time. That was a dream come true, too!


And, BTW, everyone's reaction to her--the way she made them shiver and smile and cheer and dream along with her--that's my dream every time I launch a new book. That's what I want for all of you, every time you read something with my name on it!

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  • At 11:13 PM, Blogger Caffey said…

    Thank YOU Anna! First you must be so proud of your son!! Mine is 19 now and my daughter 22 (time so flies) and they too have made me so proud. And I try to take the time out more to really ask them how they are doing with different parts of their lives. Not a simple 'how are you?' but getting them into converstaions and really being part of what they are feeling through all these changes and challenges they go through now. When watch Ms. Boyle last night on the news, she reminded me so much of me when a person for the disabled at a community college asked me "What do YOU want to do" And I had dreams but had no communication so I didn't know how I'd understand classes since I was struggling so much in HS. It was there in college that they had sign language classes and I got to do my dreams no matter what others opinions were or what they believed. It was me believing in myself and taking the chance. And doing it for ME. Thats what I got from Ms. Boyle watching her since I can't hear her but I 'heard' her say so much and remind me of so much!

    You're welcomed Anna. And thank YOU for all you do!

  • At 3:27 PM, Blogger Jane said…

    Beautiful post. I saw the video of Susan Boyle singing. It was amazing to see how stunned everyone was.

  • At 2:46 PM, Blogger ThatBrunette said…

    Blog entries like this are what keep me coming back to your writing. You write about positive things in your life. You make me want to sit down with a cup of tea and chat.

    I've got it, your blogs are like little sighs of relief. You find the good in daily life.

  • At 1:19 PM, Blogger Pat Cochran said…

    Thanks, Anna! We all appreciate you,
    too! Thanks for the link, isn't Susan Boyle a real treat to listen to
    AND to watch? Regards to all your
    kitties, especially the "old man"

    Pat Cochran

  • At 11:43 PM, Blogger Fannie said…

    It's hard to believe you son is a teenager. Where has the time gone? Seems like yesterday he was just a little boy. I am looking forward to the new series. I am into paranormal right now. I am also enjoying your comments on dangerouswomen blog. What an awesome group that is. Have a great day and hugs to all.

  • At 12:40 AM, Blogger Minna said…

    Great post!
    I can't wait to hear more of Susan Boyle's voice...


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