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Friday, May 22, 2009

New Blog: http://www.annawrites.com/blog

This blog will stay for all who find their way here--but all the new blog content, including the background content and excerpts and articles on Dark Legacy, will be over at:


Newsletter to follow soon... Look for it, and if you're not on the mailing list, sign up on my website home page:



Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's here... It's here... It's here...

The new site, the new blog AND the new newsletter... They're ready!!!!

I've been a bit quiet while I wait and work with the fabulous ladies helping me, but he wait has soooo been worth it.

Look for things to go up and down the next few days...probably through the weekend, if things go the way technology always goes when you switch stuff over. Then look for my new and improved newsletter blast to kick everything off.

When we're back up, there will be a COACH puse give away to celebrate, in addition to the monthly blog contest of Dream Flutters jewelry and the Fresh Fiction contest and Between Your Sheets scavenger hunt.

It's going to be soooooo much fun to scoot around and pop wheelies and show off my new toys, AND to get back to regular posting and chatting an raving about Dark Legacy as well as my Harlequin "heroes" WIP. Don't miss a bit of it.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

More Hunky Guys...Because Pat's Pouting ;o)

Can't have any pouting in the comments (where you're supposed to be leaving comments to WIN!!! Dream Flutters jewelry...so, more comments and less lurking, ladies...scroll back a bit for a peak at the jewels in question ;o)

Time for some final cover model reflections from the 2009 RT Reader's Convention!!!

Want to know how versatile Mr. Romance winner Charles Paz is--here's one of his scruptious, soulful pics...

And Stephan Pinto, 1st runner up, there's nothing he doesn't look soulful in...

2nd Runner Up Jeremy, those eyes. Young man, blink those eyes my way any day...

Hunky men getting down on stage...

And gladiators are always a girls best friend. Just ask author Janice Lynne ;o)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tails of Love...

We're just back from the mountains and our annual Mother's Day retreat (see the pic of Hurricane Falls in my Facebook teaser to the right...well, and hunky fireman, too), so I'm super busy catching up with work.

But I wanted to pop in share something really fun from Michelle Buonfiglio's Romance B(u)y The Blog. Check out her and Lori Foster's super fun contest, running through the Month of May. And send in your amazing pet photos to be entered to win fabulous prizes sponsored by Lori, Michlle and Virginia Kantra! Here's the link.

Back soon, with Mother's Day tales (not tails) and new exciting Dark Legacy news--great stuff just keeps coming for this release. I'm totally floored!!!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Another Contest (someone stop me!), more RT news, and Happy Mother's Day!!!

Check out my Dark Legacy contest over on Fresh Fiction. Enter anytime this month!

News Flash: Romantic Times is doing a "Behind the Scenes" Dark Legacy spotlight, talking all things dream theory and other fun stuff that went into my research for writing psychic paranormal suspense. Did you ever wonder where I got the idea to weaponize lucid darydreams??? I'll let you know which issue to look for all the 411.

This just in...I'll be guest blogging on RomanceB(uy)TheBlog in August, to kick off my Dark Legacy blog book tour. Michelle Buonfiglio's site is such a haven for all who love to read and write romance--I'm thrilled!!!

Go check her out, especially if you've never been to her blog before.

I hear Michelle and Lori Foster have something fun cooking for next week (I'll poke you again in the 12th...that's all the dish I can give for now ;o) When I have a launch date, I'll report back. I'm working this to line up my other appearances--any blog or review site favorites? Let me know!

And for Mother's Day, me and my guys are off to the North Georgia mountians. Remember this place? It's becoming our Mother's day tradition. Can't wait to unwind and play in all that beautiful green... Have a great holiday weekend, everyone!!!

Oh, and of course, a few more hunky guys below ;o)
The last shot from the vampire ball just might be my favorite!!!

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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Scavenger Hunt, Facebook, I'm a National Reader's Choice Nominee--and, yeah, more Hunky guys...

Some quick updates today...

Find me on Facebook--I've caved and joined the world of Internet social networking, and I'm already hooked ;o) There's a feed to the right.

Wanna win amazing goodies from some of your favorite authors??? Check out Between Your Sheet's online Spring Quest--do the legwork, then send your answers in for your chance to win!


I heard just before leaving for RT that To Save a Family, Atlanta Heroes Book 3, is a National Reader's Choice Award Nominee!!! Fingers crossed--we'll see if I win at RWA Dallas...

And...more hunky RT cover models ;o)

Cover models are soooo strong!

And they pose so pretty...I mean manly...I mean... Oh, whatever. Aren't they yummy beside a vintage Harlequin cover???

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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Looking Forward...Looking Back...Looking at Hunky Guys!!!

Posting two days in a row as promised. It doesn't hurt that there's so much to share ;o)

1) Brenda's auction is going gangbusters already. Don't miss any of my or anyone else's goodies:

2) More pictures of Romantic Times Convention fun below--hence the "Hunky Guy" teaser in today's title.

3) I arrived at this year's convention, opened my agenda and discovered that I was not only a finalist in this year's awards, but I'd WON the 2008 Best Superromance award for my suspense To Protect the Child!!!

Look for my picture in the announcement in this month's RT BookReviews magazine. Until then, here's one my Dorchester Editor took during the awards ceremony. Yes, that's my hair. And, yes, it got bigger and bigger as the humid Florida week went on. I think this was Friday, and by then it had taken on a life of it's own ;o)

Catch Leah's great blog about all things Dorchester, including lots of fun RT pics and recaps, over at Romantic Reads:

4) Of course, keep leaving comments to be in the running for this month's blog contest--your chance to win your own leather Dream Flutters necklace or a Dark Legacy ARC. both of which I'll draw for at the end of the month, to kick off our celebration of Dark Legacy's August 25th release!!!

Which of the pendants do you like best? I got so many mixed responses at the conference, but folks were snapping them up. If you bought a book the signing, you got to take one of the "book cover" pendants home with you! And I gave away several of the others, including the coveted leather necklaces so many of you are emailing me about, to special publishing friends who've been so helpful to me and my career.

Someone even asked if they could buy a necklace and the black butterfly (the paranormal version of my logo) pendant at the singing. I let it go for $20. Maybe it'll be a collectors item one day, LOL!!! Hmmm....

5) I found some old journals while cleaning out my office (stress cleaning is my way of settling into each new book, and I have the draft of The Fireman's Secret Baby to write this month, after all). These were journals I started when my 13 year old was just a baby, and most of the contents I can't share. But some of it's suitable for public consumption, and I found myself tearing up several times... How 'bout I post some of those sniffles off and on this month, too???

So, before we fall back into RT fun, here's a snippet from "Dear Baby James:"

Dear Baby James...

You'll be 11 weeks tomorrow, and I thought it was time for me to start recording a few things I hope you'll read some day. Things I can't tell you now, because you wouldn't understand. Or is it that telling you would be too hard for me, because then I'd have to face that you're already growing up before my eyes? Things I hope you'll learn with every smile and hug and kiss you get for the rest of your life...

You're my "sweet love" and Daddy's "little man." Never, ever, forget that.

I learn from you each day about things I could never teach myself--lessons I hope to share with you. I've begun to truly understand how important it is to be patient and loving and tolerant and encouraging when someone else has no other defense in the world beyond your unconditional acceptance and approval. My heart will always be yours. Please tell me you feel the same.

There is so much of you to love--so much to be grateful for. Your beautiful smile and button nose. Your sparkling eyes and little pink toes. The way you hug me back when I hold you. The way the early morning hours are a beautiful beginning every day I get to hug you close...

Okay, sniff sniff... Enough of the mommy stuff. Bring on the hunky guys!!!

Here are hunky guys with a really excited fan...

Mr. Romance 2009 Runner Up, Stephan Pinto, with a host of Harlequin authors...

Let's see who can name the most authors in the comments section!

And last one for today (you'll have to check back for more next week!), Mr. Romance 2009, Charlse Paz, giving me a candid smile because I ran into him walking into the hotel on Tuesday and I swear I became his big sister on site (seriously, he looks just like my brother, and it doesnt hurt that the first thing he said to me any time I saw him was, "Dude!")

Some secret insider info... If you get RT BookReviews, look for my group ad with Between Your Sheets. It's the centerfold in the May issue, and Charles is part of the AMAZING image fading in from behind all the book covers ;o) If you don't have a subscription, head to Borders or B&N. They always seem to have a copy, and it's worth the trip.

Until then, here's Charles in a moment where he wasn't having to be manly on cue... Just your every day handsome guy...until your gaze tracks down from his fun smile and checks out the rest of him!

See you next week with more hunks!

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