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Friday, April 25, 2008

Books, Books, Everyone Loves Books!

I know you what you're thinking...another author blog...another book discussion...
And I do have some new covers and cool review quotes for you. We'll get to them eventually. I'll also tease you with the first of many photos from this year's Romantic Times Conference (a running commentary I won't run out of material for, for months, I assure you). And there's lots of fun news to tell.

But I'm a tired girl, so we'll have to take it slow ;o) Seriously, writing something like six books in 18 months is enough to wear out even the strongest of us. It's easy to forget what's important, if you're not careful. Then I realized something Wednesday night--when I skidded home on two wheels from RT and landed in the midst of a NovelTalk chat. I LOVE readers, readers, readers...writing and selling my books is my living, but my stories are my connection with all of you. I cherish that, really.

And I don't ever want to let that go. Ever. So, here's a picture of a handsome guys to oggle, and a teaser for my designer purse and wallet boutique in Brenda Novak's '08 Diabetes Research auction.

This weekend I'll update everyone on the purse prizes I'm waaaaay overdue sending to their rightful blog buddie owners. I'll get covers and reviews (really, really good ones) up on the blog and website, and we'll take it from there...while I take a few weeks off from the writing grind.

Did I mention romance cover model king John DeSalvo was at this year's RT? A very, um...friendly guy. Yeah, friendly, that's what it felt like to hug on him for a while... ;o)

And here's a designer Isabella Fiore purse you can bid on at http://brendanovak.auctionanything.com/ .

Of course, I'll have some fun things to give away out here, to celebrate my April (Mothers of the Year) and June (To Protect the Child) releases!

More on that tomorrow ;o)

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Come to My Window

Coming back to life... It's a lovely thing...

My new contests and mega announcements and release party were supposed to start on 15th!!! Alas, exciting opportunities and deadline dementia had other ideas. But I'm finally getting back online for good, with lots to share.

Come back to my Spring window tomorrow, and then the next day, and then the next. I promise, you won't be disappointed ;o)

Oh, and I'm chatting tonight at 9:00 on Noveltalk.com. Come play if you get the chance!!!


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