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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Hidden Feasts

Time for a mini break from the info dump ;o) But no worries, those of you who want to know more about my Sept. release, I'm not straying too far.

So much of Dark Legacy (which I'm currently revising for my editor) is about symbolism and hidden meanings and dream imagry that the characters must figure out, if they're going to find their happily ever afters (and, since this is a suspense, often just to stay alive).

I play a lot on everyday things, things we could find in our own lives, that take on critical meaning. The idea being, see the world around you--really see it. You never know what you could be missing... I've become facinated with it these days. Always looking around me, wondering what I'm really seeing. What I could see in a slightly differently world, where the impossible was a little more possible.

I stumbled across these pictures today--great, vintage images of New York City subway grafitti. There's a flickr link below, to the larger grouping. Part of what I'll be exploring more as my Legacy series continues (if it sells well enough for Dorchester to want to buy more ;o), is everyday things I can use to motivate, spook, intrigue and torment my characters (and readers, lol!), but giving them paranormal/psychic meaning. My Legacy stories will be contemporary reflections of the real world--dramas that you could imagine happening in the world around you, if you accepted that the psychic abilities I write about might really be possible.

Imagine what I could do with some of these movable works of art... Hmmm....

What other images come to mind? What would you like to see from your every day lives, used to crank up the suspense and paranormal punch in a future Legacy book? I'm aready writing proposals for the next leg of the series, after the Temple Twins are written. Three more books, about another family with different talents but equally spooky bad guys after them, and equally compelling love stories to tell. More about them later...but beyond that...what would you like to see???

Here's the link to the flickr page for more hidden feasts...


If you haven't been following along, read back through the last few posts for information about Dark Legacy. More to come--folks are asking off list about dream theory and I've promised a taste of the prologue (naughty romance author, using a prologue...I did say this was going to be a bit more mainstream, and definitely paranormal, so the prolugue fits about as well as the evil scientists and the secret government psychic weapons program ;o)

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Monday, March 02, 2009

The Temple Legacy

The basis for my Legacy series for Dorechester, is that there are ancient family lines that have carried their magical gifts into future generations. Paranormal gifts that, when concentrated, can be harnessed for great good or powerful evil. A brotherhood of watchers has tracked these families for generations--intervening when needed, when their legacies become a potential threat to mankind.

The Temple twins have been "blessed" with powerful gifts they're not fully aware of--here's a bit of their story.

Let me know what you think. Oh, and, next I'll post the prologue, so stay tuned ;o)

Generations ago, a secret legacy of healing foretold the birth of two daughters to the gifted women of the Temple line—twin empaths who would posses psychic abilities beyond anything the world has known. During the Salem witch trials, written record of the legacy died with the family matriarch, Olivia Temple, when she was burned at the stake. The family's empathic gifts were hidden by subsequent generations. The myth of the twin legacy "curse" was passed down verbally from mother to daughter, until it became little more than a colorful folk story grounded in the kind of truth time cannot destroy.

On a deep summer morning, the legacy is fulfilled when Madeline and Sarah Temple are born. Their supersensory talents are apparent from the cradle to not only their terrified mother, but also to a league of scientists developing an arsenal of psychic weaponry. The girls' mother fights to hide her children's powers from her daughters, her husband, and the world. Ultimately, she faces a mother's worst nightmare—having to sacrifice the more unstable of her children to save the other. With the safety of her family and anyone exposed to the twins' unpredictable "gifts" at stake, what choice does she have?

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