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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Things that have Rocked My World so far this Month!!!

1) Everyone who "stopped by" to say hi with an email or a blog post, chatted up To Save a Family (which is selling like gangbusters everywhere I look, so grab your copy), and who left me snail mail addresses for prize winners. Shipments go out starting tomorrow (check back over the last few blog posts to be sure if you're one of the lucky winners!)

2) The political conversation in the air--whatever your opinion, people are talking with passion and maybe even digging beneath the surface for enough information to make up their own minds, instead of repeating what they hear a reporter say on the news. Kudos!!!

3) Watching the first season of Dirty, Sexy Money on DVD--then reading the recaps at televisionwithoutpity.com. The subtext and underlying threads in this wacky show are really amazing.

4) Reading The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen--an amazing, etherail read.

5) The weather turning "fall-ish" around here--which means, the air's not running all day and I can sit on my back deck and write while a cool breeze takes the edge off the late-summer sun's heat.

6) Watching the Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo. I'm a wanna-be stylist/personal shopper, what can I say. I'm already addicted--I DIE!!!

7) The national bail-out of those in and around Housten and our nation's financial and real estate crisies. Not sure which is more of a tragedy--but the latter could most definately have been stopped long before now, so it's about damn time.

8) Hearing/watching my son grow into his gifts for music and tennis. He's practicing both all week long, every week, and starting to learn that working hard at something you love doesn't always have to feel like work.

9) Having all four of my cats in bed with me the other week, when I was under the weather. My family, when my other family has to leave me for work and school. Proof of love in the world, no matter how much everything else seems to be spinning.

10) Falling in love with Vanity Fair and The New York Times again. It's been a while since I've
had the time to catch up on my reading (can you tell I've been emmersing myself in somthing else besides my words, lol!), and I'd forgotten how amazing the Vanity Fair articles are. Lots of good stuff in the NYT, too, even if you have to dig a bit (but not as much as with other papers) to tunnel under the spin.

How's your month going?