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Monday, October 30, 2006

TrashyBooks.com readers like me, they really like me!

I'm back, and the fishing was lovely. Think I caught myself a single title proposal ;O)

The weekend writing retreat was great. Had a blast taking my Harlequin hat off and playing with ideas for my paranormal thriller.

Then I opened my morning email to a lovely note from Romance B(u)y the Blog--where the question of the day (from the "Smart Bitches" guest bloggers who write for TrashyBooks.com) is "What books rank among the best romances you've ever read." Seems like Julie in Ohio likes me...she really likes me, LOL!

Check the blog out. Take the time to scroll back through old posts. Michelle Buonfiglio is doing a great job celebrating romance writers and readers, and well, life in general. I expect great things from her:


And Julie, if you're reading out here today, I think that's about the nicest thing I've ever heard anyone stay about my stories. ((((HUGS))))

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Saturday, October 28, 2006


Ran away from home again, to get the work done when momdome was refusing to let me... My husband is a saint... More later ;O)

Off to write up two new Super proposals, and....the paranormal thriller!!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sherri Kenyon Gets Her Groove on!!!

You should go to a reader luncheon one of these days, if you've never been. Authors are so much fun, and they L-O-V-E to hang with fans. Check out Sherri Kenyon at Georgia Romance Writers' reader luncheon a few weekends ago--she and the devil had a blast, LOL!!!

There's also the matter of great goodie bags and prizes. Here's some of the GRW loot, with a few of the books pulled out to show off.

Guess what--it's my next blog prize, so leave a comment and some time next week I'll announce a winner!!

More shots of authors and booksellers--next time, you could join us and dance the night away, too.

Actually, I'll be at the Birmingham reader luncheon on November 4th--if you're in the area, sign up and come hang with us. Here's the info: (http://www.southernmagic.org/smrl2006.html)

As usually, I gave away a great prize to one lucky reader. This time, it was another of the suede Coach purses I auctioned off on Brenda Novak's juvenile diabetes auction earlier this year. Here's the winner

And here's one more shot of Sherri. She was the highlight of the weekend, just ask her fans and loyal booksellers ;O)

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Children of the World

Well, Blogger's been messing with me all weekend. Plus, my family's been playing host to two ten-year-old angels from India who are travelling with a children's choir that performed at our church today...the children of the world...I bawled my eyes out while they were singing, and then again when I had to hug them goodbye for the las time...but here I am...bet you thought I'd ditched you again, huh!

Thanks for all the welcomes back. Without further delay, here's the winner of "thriller" collection of books I brought back from RWA Nationals...Snoops, who posted on Sunday the 1st at 1:42!!! Please email me your mailing address, my lucky friend.

Okay, a bit of administrative catch up. By my count, here are the prizes and winners I need to hook up with each other this week:

Snoops, the latest collection of "thriller" books--need your snail mail addie
Fannie, the RWA tote and paranormal/historical selections--have your address ;o)
Sharon, the RWA tote and Harlequint itles--have your address, too ;O)

I'm so sorry for the deadline demtina-induced delay, ladies...there will be something special in each package to make up for it (yours, too, Snoops ;o)

Tomorrow (Blogspot willing), a new prize and pics from Georgia Romance Writers' Readers Luncheon (starring Sherri Kenyon!!!).

Excerpts to come...promise...finishing up final edits on The Perfect Daugther this weekend.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wow, those were some AMAZING fish ;O)

Okay, so we drove up into the mountains last weekend, instead of fishing, but when a girl needs a getaway, she can't be choosy.

And after two back-to-back weekend conferences and speaking engagements, complete with revisions due right in the middle of it all--not to mention the dozen or so other deadlines that have come and gone in the last twelve months--and a little autum leaf peeping was just what my family and I needed. Unfortunately, that means I've been away from the blog sooooo much longer than I'd planned (because there were line edits and copy edits waiting for me to proof when we got back), but I knew I'd find you here waiting, and there's so much "fishing" to share.

I know there's anothe winner to announce (and lots of prizes to get out in the mail, so THANK YOU, everyone, for your patience while you've waited). And more prizes--a great one from the GRW Reader Luncheon!!! But that's all for tomorrow...today, let me share some of my mental health break ;o)

First, we stumbled across Blairsville's Sorghum Festival. So much great food and fun, like watching pole climbing and log sawing competitions. What a wonderful community and authentic small-town, mountain events!!! Awesome music, too. Tons of arts and craft displays.

Another great things about mountain leaf excursions are the flea markets that you pass along the way. My family loves them. My husband's always trolling for something electronic or old tools. My son's into cyrstals, which you can find in droves at almost every stop in North GA. And I love all things old and antique-y...and this time, I discoverd a treasure trove of old Harlequin romances, if you can believe it!!

I'm now the proud owner of a first edition of Catherine Coulture's first Contemporary for Silhouette Intimate Moments (it's been reprinted several times since 1986, but I now have the orignal). Also, one of the very first Special Editions, and one of Norah Roberts SEs and Sandra Brown's Love Swepts. A romance novel from 1952. A Kismet (publisher no longer even publishing). A Candelight Ecstasy. Even some old Supers...picking my favorites from the pile was like opening gifts Christmas morning. And I can't tell you how much fun I've had reading them...remembering what I loved about romances when I discovered them as a teenager...I needed some stress-free downtime, and these little jewels fit the bill to perfection.

And did I mention the leaves...WOW!!! Amazing, ladies. If it's not too late, if they're still turning near you, you have to go get you some of this. I grew up in Savannah...evergreens everywhere...nothing happens in the fall there but more heat and humidity ;O) So nature's autum finery is magical for me. I'd never seen anything close to it first-hand, until I came to Atlanta to go to college and never went back, and I've never taken it for granted since.

Everyone needs a little magic sometimes, I guess... I was word-weary and more exhausted than I realized. I haven't had such a relaxing, fun time with my family inyears, and I've been catching up on my sleep (when before, I was having trouble nodding off) ever since... I LOVE fishing, LOL!!!

So, I'm back and promising new daily posts and all those catch-up things I was planning to do the last few weeks. We're gearing up for Halloween around here, and of course there's more work and one more reader event in November (in Birmingham, for those of you who live close enough to come say hi). But I'm refreshed and rested and ready for some superfun Web stuff...we HAVE to talk about Project Runway, BTW (if you're a Jeffery fan, beware, I'm NOT a happy girl)...

We have to talk, period...I MISSED YOU GUYS!!!

Don't forget, tomorrow, I'll do the new winner and prize thing. And I think I owe you some new excerpts (my editor gushed about the All-American Father revisions, BTW)...

Okay, off to snooze and dream about cool mountain air!!

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