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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Making Your World Small, So You Can Dream Big...

Otherwise, how can you see through all that's around you...to embrace what's to come?

There are so many distractions and tasks and responsibilities and claims on all that makes us creative and alive. On the spirit within that is a promise of more to come. The very weight of it can bear us down until the world seems too big for us to find our place in it.

Any of you mothers and daughters and wives and sisters out there know what I mean?

My solution these last few months???

To make the amazing world that was getting too big just a little bit smaller, then smaller and smaller again, until my mind could see past the very full days and nights--to the blessing that my dreams are to me. To the writing that gives the dreams life. To the circle of creativity that binds us all together.

New Age stuff? Maybe. But I can smile again now. And the writing is coming along nicely. And I'm excited about my new books coming out next month and in January. And about dreaming again, and beleiving that there really is even more to come.

The rest of the details we'll work out. Like parties and prizes (my mail server has crashed, so stay tuned if you're one of the winners below, for details on where to send me your mailing address).

And new sales and series and proposals. And holidays and new parties and how we can share our lives and all the big things that are ours to claim.

Doesn't that sound like fun?

Okay, here are the new winners I promised so long ago. Thanks to everyone for being so patient, and for emailing to check in and ask how things are going.

Scroll back through the blog for pictures of each prize. I'll update this post with info on where to send me your snail mail addresses.

Let's give my email server a chance to calm itself down and behave better. Those who've already sent theirs, I can't even get in to print them off at the moment. See what I mean about needing to back up, so you can see the bigger picture ;o) We'll make it work...

UPDATE: OK, my mail server is up and running--for now ;o) Let's give it a shot, shall we? If you're one of the winners below, please email me your snail mail addresses at
anna(at)annawrites.com (replace "(at)" with the "@" sign). This includes the first two winners who may have already sent me their addresses months ago--I've lost some of my inbox and the "contest winners" folder where I store everything.

If I haven't heard from everyone by next week, I'll repost. Thanks!!!

Already Posted

Snow White and Grumpy plush (in honor of my April anthology, Mothers of the Year)--Tavelor
The Green Grumpy t-shirt--Annie

New Winners:

From the 5/27 Post
Another Snow White and Grumpy plus set--CheriO, who left a comment at 2:34 pm
The Pink Snow White t-shirt--Amy S., who left a comment at 3:36 pm
Snow White and her trusty steed plus set--Cas2ajs, who commented at 5:38 pm
The White Snow White t-shirt--lil, who commented at 11:14 pm

From the 6/26 Post

The Silver compact and lipstick case set, with the square compact--lily, who posted at 8:49 pm
The Pink compact set--Jane, who posted at 5:35 pm
The Silver compact set with the round compact--kathleen, who posted at 8:04 pm