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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Review Me Baby, One More Time...

Yep, they're starting to trickle in. Reviews, that is--I have a couple to share for the first Atlanta Heroes book, Because of a Boy, and just in time. I'm slaving (back of hand to forehead, heavy, southern belle sigh) over finishing book two this week and next, tentatively titled Remember Me, and inspiration in all forms is always welcome.

BTW, you can now purchase an early copy of Because of a Boy at a 20% discount on eharlequin.com:


Note: To read the award-winning Daughter series that feeds into it (especially The Runaway Daughter and The Perfect Daughter) Amazon.com is your best bet. Just search by my name, and you'll get the whole backlist.

Okay, some reviews (and there will be prizes later in the post, so stick around):

5 Stars from Cataromance.com: "With cameo appearances from Anna DeStefano’s previous Daughter series and the introduction of fabulous new characters, her Atlanta Heroes series has a winning start with Because of a Boy. I loved the connection of the two series, which allows the revisiting of old friends and the intertwining of storylines. Today’s hot topic, illegal immigration, is perfect for Ms. DeStefano’s trademark voice as she handles it with compassion and wisdom. Her heroes have that added depth, treating their careers as life work not just a job. In Because of a Boy, readers meet nurses, doctors, lawyers, fire fighters and police, all taking their professions one step further to help others...Because of a Boy is a stand alone book and the Atlanta Heroes series does not need the lead in of the Daughter series but why deprive yourself of the pleasure? Talented Anna DeStefano delivers a highly entertaining, rewarding read with every book she writes. "


4 Stars from Romantic Times: "...Remarkably realistic characters and a fast-paced story make Anna Destefano's Because of a Boy hard to put down."


Sigh... I guess I should make sure Remember Me isn't a disappointing follow up!

I'll do more excerpts later in the week. The ones I've shared so far are probably familiar to some, but I wanted to catch everyone up before plowing forward. I'll be posting new scenes you haven't seen any day now--tease, tease ;o)

For now, here's a preview of Because of a Boy's "Dear Reader" letter--

Dear Reader,

For those of you who've followed my award-winning "Daughter" novels, I'm happy to announce that my southern-set stories has a new home. Because of a Boy is the launch of my Atlanta Heroes series--where strong, southern men and women fight for love, as fiercely as they battle for everything else in their lives.

Pediatric nurse Kate Rhodes and legal advocate Stephen Creighton are unlikely heroes. Sure they work hard to help the people their jobs place in their paths. But as they fight tirelessly to solve others' problems, they also avoid dealing with the pasts they don't want to face.

Throw together an injured but determined little boy, an illegal immigrant family on the run from a drug king pin, hot pursuit from both the INS and drug enforcement officials, and a life-or-death medical condition, and Kate and Stephen are at a crossroads. Can they dig deep and work together for the sake of a troubled family, even when the attachment growing between them is more terrifying than the danger closing in? Heroes, after all, might flinch when faced with their deepest fears. But they don't back down--not even from true love.

And for those of you who read The Perfect Daughter and asked to see more of Lissa Carter and sheriff's deputy Martin Rhodes' relationship, did you really think I'd leave you hanging? Lissa and Martin's romance continues in Because of a Boy, as Martin moves to Atlanta to rehabilitate from injuries received in the line of duty (and to be closer to the estranged sister he supposedly doesn't want to see, any more than he does Lissa). Something tells me neither Kate nor Lissa is giving up on Martin without a fight...

And a few more winners of our RT 2007 goodies!!!

To receive one of the RT Conference bags from the 19th post:

Susan F, who commented at 10:45 am on the July 25th post

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Jenna, who posted at 7:45 pm on the July 25th post

Winners, please email me your pony express address.

Everyone else, keep leaving comments, and I'll keep drawing names. We'll work our way through each post and all the goodies eventually ;o) And of course, we have our October release party to look forward to (more teasing...what has gotten into me?).

More excerpts and a new book review of my own (for Agnes and the Hitman) to come!

Now back to rewriting Remenber Me...

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