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Friday, July 21, 2006

Pant, Pant, Pant...and it's not what you're thinking ;O)

Sorry!!!!!! I totally missed posting yesterday, after being so good all week.

Want to know the truth? I came off weeks of doing nothing but promoting The Prodigal's Return and revising The Perfect Daughter, and I couldn't stand being home a moment longer. Spent the whole day running errands and loving it, then after picking my son up from Vacation Bible School, spent all afternoon and into the evening with my family--those lovely folks who've been so patient with me while I did what I had to do to get the book done.

So, long story short, I was a naughty online no-show, but I had the best day!!! What was it I always say...Spank me, I'm done!!!!!

Okay, everyon done ;O)

First off, Wednesday's winner are:

Joelle...the "Sunny" bag us yours!!!
Billie...you get the last Borders gift certificate

Mucho Thanks, everyone who came out to the NovelTalk chat Wednesday night. We had a huge group, and tons of fun. My only complaint, it was over waaaayyy too soon. I'm just getting the winners info now from Deb at Noveltalk, and those prizes should be going out next week, too.

Here's the blog launch party winner round-up!!! If you're name's on the list and you haven't sent me your updated mailing address, I've added an * after your name . If you've already sent the address, but there's an *, please send it again, 'cause I didn't get it:

BCBG travel bag--Estelle
Guess Gold purse and wallet combos--Julie from Ohio and Jennifer Yates
XoXo heart purse--Kerri 1973
Ann Klien bag--Elli
Lavander Straw bag--Dana Pollard
"Sunny" bag--Joelle*

Daily Borders gift certificate winners:


Mailing update: Because of my naughtiness yesterday and next week's RWA conference, my husband is taking over mailing out all prizes, because the unfocused author is not to be trusted. They're being packed up today and will go out next week. Thank you, thank you for your patience. I know everyone's going to LOVE thier goodies!!

Pirates was a FUN movie...more action adventure and amazing special affects that story or character...except for the end, where we get the great characterization from the first movie back...I'd have liked to have seen more of that throughout, but it was still a blast, and they've soooooooo set up come great hooks for the third one. Even a love triangle ;O) It should be great!!

Glad everyone's loving All American Father...it's going to be such a fun book. Can't wait to dive in...a few more days of the "real" world, and I'll be ready. Good thing there's a writing convention next week--great motivation ;O)

I've done two interviews this week, one for the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, the other the Gwinette Daily Post...no promises, but they're both working on articles about the RWA conference and were looking for local authors to spotlight...we'll see ;O)

Will check back in later tonight...Congrats to all the winners, and thanks for making the launch of TPR sooooooo much fun. I knew I could count on my online pals!! I'm getting emails every day from readers who were touched by this story. That's the good stuff, that and knowing you'll be here to share the new with ;O)

Late Update: More readings...how could I have forgotten? More soon!!!

Jennifer y., 1982 Sagittarius--

The Fourtunate Recipient...you own the propensity for timing necessary events with an eye toward doing what must be done as soon as it must be done--one of the most valuable assets anyone can have...you're likely optimistic, even in seemingly no-win situations...your trust in the future will usually lead you to a safe harbor and the genuine knowledge that what is gien out is received and given back tenfold...you are likely one of th emost genuinely generous people in your peer group or circle, lacking nothing when it comes to faith in others...be sure you're as cautious as you are fair-minded...

Estella, a 1942 Sagittarius--

The Eternal Optimist...you arrived in a world that was sorely in need of your humor, understanding and ability to see the bright side of any situation...It is likely that your family considered you a blessing, as you probably displayed the positive attitude your sign is famous for at a very young age...those who are lucky enough to have you near them on a daily basis can be touched by your sunny disposition as well as your generous soul...this understanding could have led you to a career in teaching or counseling, where your innate compassion would give you the ability to provide good advice...your gift is your ability to raise the spirits of those around you with your philosophical, optimistic and keenly witty personality..

Meljprincess, a 1963 Leo--

The Inspired Stylist...you may tend to have a dramatic flair...you are likely to be fashionable, but you're no slave to fashion...for all your dash, you are likely to be daring...you may be capable of masterminding high-risk plans...you have the advantage of a mind that swiftly drills down to the heart of any problem and solves the matter just as quickly...you have the courage and strength to imagine the unimaginable and explore new realms...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Noveltalk Chat Tonight, Excerpt!!!, More Winners, and the Last-Day's prize

Great conversation about fav. music and must-meet stars yeterday. You make coming out to check up on the blog just the right diversion, as I finally put The Perfect Daughter to bed (at least this draft of it...line edits will swoop back in sometime next month ;O)

Speaking of deadlines, I'm goint to keep it short today, because I have to meet one tonight, AND, because I'll be out chatting from 9:00 to 10:00 tonight on NovelTalk.com:


Stop by and hang with my NT buddies, and of course I'll have some goodies to give away!!!

I promised an EXCERPT, too, of the Superromance I'm moving on to next--it'll be out in April of '07, and it's now officially called, All American Father. It's a single-father story (with, of course, a kick-butt heroine) that's part of Super's '07 continuity series, Single...with Kids. I'm having so much fun with this one, let me know what you think!! The excerpt is below the prize parade ;O)

Yesterday's winners:

The Anne Klien bag will now be living with Elli!!!

The leather-accented straw tote, Dana Pollard, it's yours baby!!!

And the Borders gift certificate goes to...n0odz1!!!

I'll be doing mass mailings tomorrow and Friday, of all the prizes from this week and last. Winners get me those current mailling addresses!!

As for today's prize (in addition to what I'll be giving away on NT), well it's at the top of the post, so you've already seen it. I love these sunny little bags. I picked up a few at one time and have really enjoyed giving them away.

Today's topic--alaphabet soup!!! Sky's the limit. How's life going for everyone??? Mine'll be fine right around midnight, after I've email my book of to my agent. Seen any good movies lately??? I already told you I L-O-V-E-D Prada, but I've heard mixed reviews on Pirates, and we're on our way to see it as a family tomorrow night (ah, the joy of being off deadline for ONE WHOLE DAY, LOL!!!) Whatever you want to chat about, let us hear from you.
Oh, and keep coming back for more readings for the book-that-knows-all!!! I LOVE that it's been so on-target for so many of you. I'll keep doing a few a day (when I'm not excerpting), until we run out of birthdays, so stay tuned

Don't forget the Noveltak chat at 9:00 tonight!!!

Okay, your first look at All American Father


Chapter One

"Nice job." Derrick Cavenaugh's senior partner slapped him on the shoulder as they left the high-rise conference room behind.

"Thanks, Spencer." Derrick's reply held the expected hint of nonchalance. "I'll have the merger portfolio ready for Reynolds-Lewis to sign by the end of next week."
It felt good to be in control of something. Anything.

Too damn good. Didn't-want-to-head-home-to-his-life good.

Contract law wasn't as sexy as the professional football career he and his old man had envisioned monopolizing his life for the next decade or two. But being on top of his game during the morning's high-stakes meeting felt better than the sweetest touchdown pass. Since returning to San Francisco, work was the one place he didn't feel like a failure. Where there were still moments of victory to revel in.

"You're coming to next week's homecoming game, right?" Spencer Hastings was an ace at declarative questions that pinned you where you didn't want to be. And the man held the promotion Derrick had been busting his ass for in the palm of his hands. "You'll make everyone's night by showing up."

"I..." Derrick's legacy as Western High's biggest alumni football star had secured him a spot at Hastings' firm. But he'd been a no-show at all things social and nostalgic since his move back to the area a year ago. "I'll have to see if I can find a sitter for Leslie and Savannah."

"Nonsense." Hastings gave his shoulder a firmer slap. The elevator rushed them to the ground floor. "Bring the kids along. The gang would love to meet your family."

Derrick tried to picture his twelve and nine-year-old, already resentful of the time his job stole from them, listening to Daddy relive glory days with a bunch of grown ups they didn't know. He'd have a Power Puff Girl-sized mutiny on his hands in under half an hour.



Dad, we wanna go. Now

"I'll see what I can do." He flashed the golden-boy grin everyone liked to see. "Leslie has dance class on Thursdays, and--"

His Blackberry chirped, sending him sifting through his overflowing briefcase as they emerged through revolving doors onto the bustling sidewalk.

"Derrick Cavenaugh," he answered

"Mr. Cavenaugh, this is Detective Oaks with Atherton PD. I'm at the Stop Right on the corner of Elm and Matteson. I'm afraid I need you to come pick up your daughter, Leslie. There's been an incident, and the owner intends to press charges..."

Derrick kept his expression free of panic, while his insides churned up the take-out sushi he'd gulped down for lunch. Hastings kept his gaze on the shuffle of business people streaming by on their way to afternoon appointments or a late lunch. But Derrick could feel the other man's interest as the cop summed up Leslie's latest contribution to Derrick's plunge into single-parent insanity.

His oldest, brainy and beautiful, even in the gothic black she'd insisted on wearing since leaving her life and mother behind in Atlanta, had apparently skipped out of school early again. And now she'd taken a crack at petty larceny.


Two part-time jobs...

One aging bed and breakfast by the bay...

Forty-five minutes to shower and change before Bailey Stevens was supposed be serving lattes and crumb cake at her new bistro job...

A cop and a pre-teen truent standing between her and the end of her Stop Right shift...

Cost to Bailey's insomnia-challenged grip on reality--priceless.

"Mr. Drayton, I need to get going. I've already given the officer my statement, and--"

"Not until the girl's father arrives," grumped the convenience store owner who'd insisted that she cover the afternoon shift because he'd been unavailable when Sandy Traver called in sick.
But wave the petty theft of a seven dollars box of condoms before the cheapskate, and Drayton had beaten the police to the store. "I want the officer to have all the information he needs to put that little hoodlum behind bars."

The little hoodlum in question was currently slumped in the cracked plastic chair in Drayton's office, cowering in a bad-ass grunge outfit Bailey suspected had been purchased somewhere like Bloomingdale's rather than a thrift store. The kid had attitude to spare, but she struck Bailey as more desperate for attention than hoodlum-in-training.

"She's got the money to pay for what she took," Bailey reasoned. "Why not let her square things, then leave her parents to deal with the rest?"

And me to get to Margo's before I lose the job that might spring me from this dump, if I can get enough hours over there.

"The money's not the point," the man actually had the nerve to say. Bottom line was the only language he spoke. "If I let one of these miscreants off, they'll be all over this place, taking me for everything I'm worth."

Like there was a gang of upper-middle-class hell raisers looking to supplement their allowances by pilfering from Atherton's resident Scrooge!

Hastings stocked the cheapest inventory he could get away with selling, trading on his prime location as the only convenience store on the main drag that led from their affluent suburb to the interstate linking them to the Golden Gate. He was downright rude to customers, inflexible on principle with his hourly employees, and did a nimble tightrope dance around the regulations of his trade that would bite him in the ass one day. Soon, Bailey could only hope.

She'd glimpsed the expired date on the Trojans she'd reclaimed from the kid. If their under-aged klepto was planning a party, Bailey had done her and the girl's parents a favor. It had evidently been ten years since Scrooge last stocked prophylactics.

"I'm going to grab my things," she murmured.

Scott Fletcher had wandered in a few minutes ago--twenty minutes late for his shift. She was free to go, as soon as Daddy showed. What kind of parent took an hour and a half to get himself to the scene of his child's crime?

The gothic-wannabe rearranged her worried features into a scowl as Bailey entered the office. The kid's attempt at tough came off lonely and scared, the combination eating at Bailey's determination not to get involved. She didn't have time for involved. But evidently, neither did this beautiful child's parents.

"You know." She slipped into Scrooge's chair as if it were her own. "If your guy can't spring for the rubbers, you might want to consider trading up."

The girl--Leslie, Bailey had heard her say to the cop when she'd recited her dad's cell number--looked shocked, a split second before she rebounded with a sneer.

"Like there's just one guy."

"Well if you're going to tag-team it," Bailey smart-assed back. "I'd suggest you shop-lift at the Wal-Mart. Prehistoric condoms are a bad deal, even when they're free."

The kid's forehead scrunched in confusion, morphing her toughness into the kind of adorable she shouldn't be in such a hurry to outgrow. Bailey plucked the discarded Trojans from the desk and tossed them over. The girl snatched the box one-handed.

Good reflexes. Hopefully, her mind was just as quick.

"Condoms have expiration dates for a reason," Bailey explained. "They tend to break after they've been sitting for too long."

More scrunching, then an image of what "breaking" meant must have flashed through the girl's mind. Cheeks reddening, she glanced down at the pre-Y2K date on the box, then slapped the condoms to the desk.

"Oh..." Looking younger by the second, she clenched her hands in her lap. "I--"

"Leslie Marie Cavenaugh!" a masculine voice boomed from the doorway.

The kid's face drained of color, turning mutinous at the same time. Crossing her arms, she sunk further into the acid green chair.

Bailey barely noticed.

Daddy was six-four and then some, with the kind of broad shoulders and trim waist that did dangerous things a woman's fantasies. His pricey suit screamed money and privilege, but the hands he'd buried in his trouser pockets were tough with calluses, and his nose had been broken more than once. Bailey had seen the first break from the sidelines. He'd thrown the winning touchdown pass at Western's '95 State Championship game, and the opposing defensive end had taken exception.

"Derrick Cavenaugh."

It took her a few seconds to realize she'd said his name out loud. A few seconds more to get that he hadn't recognized her in return.

Why the hell should he?

'95's Most Likely to Succeed blinked down at her, their high school's most unsuccessful valedictorian ever, without a flicker of recognition for the woman who'd worshiped him from afar when she wasn't much older than his daughter.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Rock On!!!! E-hem, which means more partying, AND a taste of Dave Navarro

There has been a Dave Navarro sighting, and rumor has it he might stop by today, so here's to Dave and all his gritty excellence. Killer tatoos, rocking guitar, and the tallent to be one of this generations most high-profile entertainers (and did I mention he can play a mean game of poker, too?), Navarro has the kind of in-your-face alternative rocker honesty that's hard for this girl to resist. Yeah, I dig hard rock and I write emotional, romantic family drama. I know, kinda twisted, but that's why you love me, right?

Hello, my name is Anna and I'm flirting with split personality disorder, LOL!! Red Hot Chili Peppers...Janes Addiction...yeah, Baby!!!

You may have caught him as the host/mentor on Rock Star INXS last year (where JD Fortune won the dream gig of a lifetime to be part of one of my all-time fav. groups, INXS, who went on on to release one of the all-time BEST come-back singles, Pretty Vegas, but I degress). Or maybe on Celebrety Poker on BRAVO, or on your favorite entertainment programs. But you've seen him. He's everywhere, and he has the tallant to back it up. Not to mention he always has something interesting to say.

Seriously, when you think about alternative rock, you might think of the music (and that either is or isn't your cup of tea), but consider the message next time it's blasting from your radio. Listen to me the artist is saying, not just the notes. Listen, and if you want to, scream your own message back!! Alternative rock is honest, and it challenges us to be, too. Kind of like what I'm doing with each of my weepy books.

Am I totally off my "rocker" today???? Sorry, bad pun. No, not totally. We need a new Launch Party Topic, right? Okay, how 'bout:

Who's your favorite entertainer/celebrity, and tell us why. Who's your ideal...someone you'd love to have a day to chat with and get to know as a real person. Great dreams yesterday, everyone, now give us more :O) DN, you're on my list!!!

Okay, more "readings" below (I'll come back later in the morning and add them), and our next launch party prize. As for the Guess Purse
everyone wants--

Jennifer Y., you lucky girl, my last purse/wallen combo is yours!!!

Bambelle, you'll be receiving a Borders gift certificate!!!

Email me to confirm your snail mail addresses, lucky ladies.

And new prizes (let's do two, in honor of DN) for today--leave a comment to be in the running:

You know I love Ann Klien, and I insist you do, too. This is a great bag (blue, but not too blue) to take anywhere you want to look stylish.

And a little something to take on your next vacation--a fab. straw tote with leather accents. Dress it up, dress it down, but be prepared for people to stop you and tell you how fabulous you look!!!

Talk to me, my launch party friends. I'm on the last two days of this deadline, but still trying to keep my "new release" high ;O) Oh, and I just heard that I'll have a Feb. ABD an April release next year (as well as a third book out in the Fall)--two books in three months, Yowza!!!

You've already heard a lot about The Perfect Daughter (Feb.). Guess I'll have to give you a taste of All American Father (April) before the launch party is trough ;O) Check back in for a new excerpt tomorrow!!

Onward with the Readings!!

Dena, a 1966 Cancer--

The Cuddly Crab...gentle, caring and oh-so-cute, you've got a kind word for everyone, and can elicit a smile from the most die-hard depressive...however you're not a pushover...you've got good instincts when it comes to people, and you can spot an opportunist from a mile away...to you power is less important than people...family is the cornerstone of your life...you have a serious interest in spiritual matters...although you're more emotional than philosophical...you need plenty of intellectual stimulation...at some point, you may feel tempted to write a book, which could be an incredibly cathartic experience...a strong desire for romance draws you to dreamy, artistic people with vivid imaginations...

RobynL, a 1950 Aries--

The Team Leader...you tend to see the need for people to learn to live together...as citizens of one plante...you tend to shun status and power...you may tend to want to change things to gather resources for peaceful purposes...you may be much more interested in progress than you are in politics...your home may be filled with electronic gadgets , which you love to experiment with...you might feel most comfortable in groups, and you want to make your teammates comfortable and keep them safe...your friends admire your ability to get the whole gang together for fun, and the parties and networking events you put together can attract people from a variety of fields...

Sunday, July 16, 2006

France, Reviews, Sales, and the Guess Purse!!!

Checking in from my weekend-long revision marathon. The Perfect Daugther's coming along nicely...why do I go out of my way to create so many characters that need to be wrapped up at the end of the book??? It boggles the mind ;O)

Okay, my French cover for A Family for Daniel--well, in France it's now The Responses of the Heart. And here's the link to the site...very cool, I think, particularly since I've already heard from a European reader who LOVED the story of these two struggling single families coming together.


And there's a new review up for The Prodigal's Return... I love it when people I haven't asked to read the book take the time to rave ;O)


Then there's the matter of The Runaway Daughter still outselling The Prodigal's Return on amazon...What's a girl to say about that but...COOL!!!

Finally...about those purses everyone's coming back to check on ;0)...the winner of the XOXO heart purse is...


And the Borders gift certificate...


Everyone who's won a prize in the last few days, please email to confirm your mailing address--and please include "prize" or something like it in the subject.

And as promised, today's prize (and tomorrow's to give everyone who might be away for the weekend a chance) is everyone's favorite--another golden Guess purse and wallet combination!!!

We'll keep going through the week, until I run out of purses, LOL!! Okay, that'll never happen. How about through Wednesday, at least!!

So, we need something to discuss today, to keep the party animals pouring in. I LOVED all the shopping talk yesterday, and the fun look into your obsessions and dreams...

What about SUR-prises today?

I've had a lot this week. My bookclub leader on eHarlequin's saying things about The Prodigal's Return that have had my editor calling me to ask, "Did you see that!" Good things. Things a writer lives to hear from her readers. There's a link near the top of the right column of the blog, if you want to check out the last week or so of comments.

Her appreciation for the book (as well as your wonderful support these last few days) have been just the surprise I needed to get me through this revision stuff that happens with every book, and is always more difficult than the last time. I want my stories to entertain, but I want them to touch your hearts, too. When I hear that they have, I'm amazed and energized and determined to do it even better next time.

What's been your greatest surprise lately, or what's unexpected thing in your past changed your world for the better when you least expected it???

More "readings" from the book that knows us all tomorrow, my friends!!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Winners, Prizes, France and Today's Dreams

Thanks to all my blooger friends who linked over to Romance B(u)y the Blog yesterday!!!

It was crazy, and having so many friendly faces around only added to the fun. Yesterday's prize is everyone's favorite, I know, soooooo... keep checking back over the weekend. You might just see the second set I bought show up again ;O) Keep reading for yesterday's winners and today's funky prize.

Today's topic, dreams seems like a good one...One of my career goal/dreams is that when a new book comes out, my backlist will sell through, too. Guess what, the Amazon numbers for my Feb. The Runaway Daughter have been off the charts the last couple of days. It hit Amazon's series romance best seller list at #25 yesterday (of all series lines...there was a lot of Norah's back list up there, but there was me, #25 ;O) So, name recognition dream--check!!!

Have I mentioned yet that A Family for Daniel is out in France...translations in foriegn countries, another writer dream--check, check!! I have a photo of the cover that blogger won't let me upload...look for it tomorrow...

A totally non-publishing dream? At the moment, being Ann Hathaway's character in Devil wears Prada!!! The clothes in that movie are amazing (the plot and writing is so much better than the book, too, BTW). I want a publishing closet to select my designer duds out of every morning!!!

What are your dreams...share your darkest fantasies, LOL. Okay, or maybe just the fashion ones ;O)

Today's blog party prize is... This great XOXO heart clutch. It's fun for the summer, but also with it's black tones could be fun all year around. Leather straps, great bucket shape, dangling accent. Wow!! And of course, I'll be giving away another Borders gift certificate. Remember, you can't win if you don't leave a comment...How else will I know to draw your name ;O)

And about my purse collection... Before my previous blog blew up because of spam, I'd actually posted some pics...Maybe I need to do that again...Maybe you don't need to know how totally obsessed I really am...

Coach's contemporary bags, Cole Haan, Isabella Fiore...it's a good thing, until you look at the price tags on designer bags. I shop sales and outlets and ebay until I can find what I want at a price I can afford...usually when an advance or royalty check comes in...dreams were meant to come true, right!!!

Okay, here are yesterday's winners:

Julie from Ohio won the Guess party purse and wallet combo out on RBtB. I wish I had one for everyone (especially Jack, because then we'd get to hear what your wife would do to get her hands on it; or Lucky, because 40th birthdays are super special). I'll put another set up for launch party winning over the weekend, 'kay!!

ThatBrunette won the Borders gift certificate!

Addresses in my inbox will help muchly, ladies. I'm still waiting to hear from one of yesterday's winners. Again, I'll begin mailing everything next week.

And I have a few more readings today--glad we've been close to the mark with the ones so far!! Isn't this fun!! If you want to play along, leave your birth year and sign (or day and month of your birth) in the comments.

Dana, a 1974 Aquarius

The Risk Taker...you are likely to have an unusually active social life, with a network of diverse friends and progressive ideas or causes to keep you busy...you may have an enduring interest in scholarly pursuits...you have the gift of gab, and you can talk yourself into or out of anything...you may also enjoy getting into different or even dangerous situations...you like the new and different, the risk, and the idea of working with like-minded friends...friendship is a high priority for you...your gregarious attitude is great for bringing many different kinds of people together...you keep the flow of conversation going...

Okay, I have to stop here, because Dana and I are pals, and this reading is just spooky...this book blows me away!!!

Crystalg, a 1970 Leo

The Talanted Hero...you take great pride in doing things in a big way and with a big heart...fiery, dramatic, you enjoy being the center of attention through acts of creativity...your career is likely to carry with it traits of doing even small things in a big way...you are a doer...you see the big picture and have grand ideas about how to proceed...you do best when you are your own boss.

NOTE: This last one might look familiar. I mistakenly did 1970 on Tuesday when I did Sandra's reading from 1971...I've gone back and changed hers...sigh, me and numbers aren't always friends ;O) Sandra, check out your new paragraph and let us know if it strikes any closer to home...just a year made a huge difference, according to the book!!

Can't wait to hear your dreams and give away more prizes!!! So, come out and play ;O)

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Winners and a Can't-Miss Fieldtrip!!!!

I'm guest blogging today, so we're all taking a fieldtrip.

A highlight of The Prodigal's Return's book release so far (well, because we weren't partying here yet ;O) was being spotlighted on wnbc.com out of New York's Romance B(uy) the Book page. The editor, the lovley Michelle Buonfiglio, read the book and RAVED about it on her site (http://www.wnbc.com/romance/index.html), as well as 70 other syndicated news sites all over the Net. So very cool.

Even cooler, she asked me to come hang out on her super hip Romance B(u)y the Blog (http://romancebytheblog.blogspot.com/) today. So everyone, link on over and join me in the comments section. There are a lot of new friends waiting to chat over there, and the gold Guess party purse and matching wallet are up for grabs on Michelle's blog today. So, leave a comment on Romance B(u)y the Blog, take a look around, have some fun and you could be today's winner!!!

I'm also posting more of our birthday "readings" here--looks like we'll be doing those for a while ;O) Thanks everyone for sending in your stats. It's so much fun to see what the book says!

Oh, before I do that...who are yesterday's launch party winners? you ask...

Estelle, you're the BCBG travel bag winner, and

Myrtleme, the Borders gift certificate is yours!!

Email me your mailing addresses, ladies. I'll start shipping prizes out next week!!

Enjoy Romance B(u)y the Blog today, you'll keep checking back in, I'm sure of it. Then come back here tomorrow for more fun...

Here are Today's Readings:

Linda, a 1954 Virgo

The Discriminating Nurturer...Group activities of all kinds are hugely important to you, motivating you to expand beyond your limits at all stages of your life...you tend to look after your colleagues and associates...you bring attention to detail to whatever question you choose to subject your investigative powers...you are an expert researcher, able to marshal vast warehouses of information...you also have great manual dexterity and skill, which you bring to crafts and finde handiwork with delicate aesthetic sensibility...

Fannie, a 1943 Gemini

The Thoughtful Hero...you possess the stuff that's necesary to fulfill long-term heroic goals--and life has probably presented you with several opportunities to show those talents off...when it comes to taking sides with your dear ones, you can be even more steadfast...even if yo secretly believe they are in the wrong...in battle, you are a worthy adversary, whether you are wielding words or influence...but you are also quite the peacemaker, instinctivley gifted with the capacity to listen well and assimilate the wisdom of others...you know that being fair is the only way to truly win a battle...

Cheryl, a 1961 Sagittarius

The Excitable Extovert...You have a luminous mind that needs constant stimulation and demands variety...you can take even the most predictable job and make it into something thrilling and wonderful...you may constantly seek opportunities to make new and exciting discoveries...blessed with a learning curve that can spiral ever onward and upwards, you may inspire awe in others with your achievements...you can exude a wild, almost crazy enthusiasm for life...you are likely to pursuee a career that allows you to be free and experimental...you may have friends from all walks of life...truth is the banner you brandish...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Release Party!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to our little party corner of the Net.

The Prodigal's Return should be on most shelves by now, and I just had my birthday, so I'm feeling quite the thing.

I'll be giving away prizes each day to one lucky guest randomly drawn from everyone who leaves a comment that day.

One Funky Purse, and one Borders gift certificate each day (gotta keep my guys happy, as well as supplying their wives with purses, should our manly friends win ;O) All I ask for is for you to have loads of fun while you hang out, and that you be patient as I mail everything out in the midst of revising my next Super, due out in Feb. '07.

Today's goody will be the BCBG travel bag... Tomorrow, the golden Guess evening purse and wallet combo, so come back.

I'll be leaving links some days to fun stuff I'm doing other places online, so keep checking back. There will always be something new.

And if you leave me your birthday info, I'll be doing some "readings" from this cool book I found a few years ago. Check out yesterday's post for info on that.

So, the topic of the day: What's your absolute dream birthday surprise??? What would make for the most special celebration ever?

And to begin our readings, we have (I'll be doing these in order of receipt... leave me your digits and we'll get there, I promise ;O) :

Tam, a1960 Leo

The Smart Sensationalist...A brilliant performer who can attract the loyalty of repeate audiences...a flare for drama...you may have an intuitive sense of how to play to the back row...loyal and loving, you come from the heart in all you do...a unique character with a marvelous gift for gab, you know how to make a point...you have unusual insight into the workings of people's minds...for all your self-confidence, you can also be altruistic and a loyal friend to many...powerful, devoted and gentle, you can offer an example of inspired leadership through service to a higher cause.

(and if she were a Gemini) The Bright Spark ...you're a mix of artful skill and intelligent action...you can pick up new ideas and carry them forward in your life...you are super-smart, with guile and cunning to match...while you have a strong sense of justice, you also like to learn all sides of an issue...you are gifted in geting your message across to anyone, anywhere...while you like convenience, you are really interested in people who have a lust for life...often restless, you may find it hard to stay in one place for long...

Sandra, a 1971 Leo (NOTE: I originally posted a reading from 1970--sorry, Sandra!!!)

The Creative Protagonist...you have a deep sense of compassion and a flair for the dramatic...your natural showmanship is modified by a need to accomplish something worthwhile in your life, and this works best when you are a team player, even if you are the most valued or talented member in the group...you have an unusually serious attitude that reflects your determination to overcome great adversity...you probably have a strong desire to create something worthwhile, somthing that makes people reflect or that has an enduring influence...you probably prefer to be your own boss in business, or have arranged a great deal of independence for yourself...at times you can be moody or thoughtful...you love to be in love...when you see a tough situation, you hve the talent, vision, and plan of action to achieve a meaningful solution

How are we doing so far? Hitting anywhere close to home?

Can't wait to see everyone!! Leave a comment about the day's question, your birthday facts if you want to play along, or whatever random thing moves you...we'll love it all. And if you've started reading The Prodigal's Return, tell us about that, too ;O)

My Twin, Jessica Simpson

Count down to the blog Launch Party...fun and friends and prizes...

Come back Wednesday when we kick the party off, and again on Thursday when I guest blog on Romance B(uy) the Book. We'll move the party over there for a day and see if we can't find some new online friends (that'll be the day I give away the sparkly gold Guess evening bag and wallet everyone loved ;O) We'll keep the party going through the weekend and into next week. I'll invite everyone over to my eHarlequin book club one day--if you're already reading The Prodigal's Return, check out the discussion any time you like... the water's nice!


So on with the Jessica Simpson connection (Jack, I'm including a pic, just for you, love ;O).

You see, we share the same birthday (the 10th), though I'm sorry to say she's a tad younger than me--I know, I know, you couldn't hardly believe it, right?

I've actually met very few people with birthdays in July, outside of my family. It seems lots of my relatives like to get busy around Thanksgiving, though, so I have lots of cousins to share the limelight with each year...and of course Jessica ;O)

I wanted to do something fun for the new release party, so let's go with a birthday theme! I found this great book a few years back that's supposed to use numerology and astrology, as well as insight into what was going on in the world when you were born, to show you how your day, month and year of birth helped determine who and what you've become. I bought it for research, not really buying into this sort of thing, as I considered various paranormal ideas for future books.

Anyway, here's what it predicted for me, based on my info. If you'd like to play along, leave your year, month and day of birth in the comments and I'll do a few more "readings" from the book each day.

Okay, here's me...looking forward to "doing" some of you ;O)

The Emotive Speaker... you have intense, passionate feelings that cannot be contained...you are determined to be a success...blessed with excellent communication skills, you'd make a great best-selling novelist, motivational speaker, or advertising executive...putting your ideas before the public gives you a great deal of satisfaction...A born romantic, you delight in listening to love songs, watching old movies, and touring ancient cities...your biggest strength is being able to connect with people on a grand scale. Use this strength to spread a message of love and compassion throughout the world...

Let me just say, this book has spooked me more than once. I've looked up friends and family, and the results are sometimes waaaaaay too accurate. Give it a try, and you might get a little spooked yourself!

See everyone Wednesday!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

A Few Good Men!!!

When you're married to an Italian, it's pretty obvious what kind of heros float your boat. The perfect Italian heartthrob is larger than life, loud and proud, with a big heart to match a big life that's filled with color and passion. My ulitmate never tiptoes through a room. He never cares who's watching. Watch out, here he comes!!

Anyone keeping up with the Wold Cup this year? There's a whole team of lovely Italian gods heading for the final round. I've been glued to the TV watching for weeks, drooling!!!

Let me show you what I mean.

Take a moment to appreciate Team Italy superstar Fabio Cannavaro.

A man's got something good going when he can make a girl wish she was a lowly bottle of water. Drink me down baby...let me hang from that noble chin.

And what woman doesn't go mushy over a warrior-to-die for who's also a hands-on dad, whose life revolves around his family. BTW, while you're all "oh, isn't that cute..." take a look at the freakin' muscles in Fabio's thighs... Yes, I have a soccer player fettish. Can you blame me!!!

And just so we understand each other, let's appreciate one final picture of my ultimate sports hero. It's worth coming back to look at again, if you find yourself with some free time today.

Wouldn't you agree? If a man looks like this...win or lose, he's tops on the list!!

Your turn.

What's you're idea of the ultimate hero? Sweet guy... or tough and ready to rumble?

Today's BTW: My bookclub is up and running on eHarlequin. If you already have The Prodigal's Return, jump on over and give us something to talk about. If your copy hasn't arrived yet, whining is also acceptable ;O)


Monday, July 03, 2006


Paper Faces on Parade...

The chasam between what's there and what we see is, well, it's everything.

It's the difference between fearing the dance and celebrating a night of magic. Believing we can, and losing ourselves in all that could go wrong. Between a beautiful dream and the destruction that doubt so quickly becomes.

What's up with me tonight??? Revisions...

And let me tell you, no matter how much you love your characters and your story, no matter how much you love the work, revisions will sometimes suck.

It's hard work. So much is unknown. So much could still go wrong with the dance. Your mind will try to convince you that it's best not to try.

Don't believe drivel like that.

Keep at it, whatever your dance is. Whatever your dream. Don't let the doubt win. Keep fighting.

At the end of my fight, I'll have another book to share. Your pay-off will be different, but no less precious. Make your dance about whatever you need it to be to keep you fighting. A little diversion every now and then, for the sake of grand inspiration, is a good thing.

Because look how fierce you can be, once you embrace your mask and take the chances that will make your parade shine ;o)

Happy 4th, all my American friends. Happy Canada Day, to our buddies from the north. And to everyone else, enjoy you're week.

I'll be dreaming and believing that my editor (and my readers) will be thrilled with The Perfect Daughter, once I'm done tinkering.

Now where did I put that mask????